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Momentac provides professional management coaching to individuals.

We help clients achieve their career goals and improve their professional performance.

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I am Karen Myrup Birchall. I am a London based management coach with a background in strategy consulting and investment banking.

I assist individuals in achieving their professional goals by helping them stretch themselves and access their untapped potential.

In my experience everybody has more resources within them than they apply in their every day life. My role and value as a coach is to help my clients utilise these additional resources to achieve their goals.

The majority of my clients operate at a managerial level and share a strong professional drive. When they come to me they have often thought for a long time about a change they wish to make. I help them shift into action mode and create the necessary momentum to make their goals happen.

We do this together by creating a clear focus, appreciating and building on their strengths and capabilities, and agreeing upon action plans to make the goals happen.

My coaching is client led; the session belongs to the you. We work on the topic which is important to you at the time, and you are responsible for your own outcome. My role in the process is to listen, challenge, support and encourage.

As your coach I act as a sounding board, facilitator, presence and confidante for you, whilst you work on your topic of choice.

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The main areas in which I assist clients


Career management

  • Clarify your career choices and goals, create action plans to match
  • Job interview preparation
  • Improve your work/life balance

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What clients say

Working with Karen was a real eye opener. The sessions allowed me to find and focus on my strengths in all that I do and allowed me see the possibility of change and improvement..
An Account Director in a leading London Digital Agency


Performance optimisation

  • Increase your professional impact and contribution
  • Refine your leadership style
  • Improve senior management engagement and stakeholder relations

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Karen played a tremendous role as an effective sounding board and adviser, utilizing several frameworks and structured discussions in order to help direct my thinking and prioritize what is important for my career and life..
A.B., Corporate Strategy and Business Development


What my clients are often looking for


Continuous progress

Some clients simply want to take their career even further.

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Making the right choices

Some are at a cross road and wish to make the right decision.

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Balancing priorities

Others feel a need to rebalance and focus more on family and their private life.

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