My background

I am a member of the ICF, International Coach Federation.

I have an ICF accredited certification in Professional Coaching Skills from CoachingDevelopment in London.

Prior to coaching, I have a background as a strategy consultant at StrategicFit, a boutique strategy consulting firm focusing on the energy sector.

In this role I specialised in quantitative decision analysis, assessment of strategic alternatives and facilitation of decision making.

This has given me broad experience in helping with difficult, value-critical decisions where outcomes are risky or uncertain.

Prior to this I worked in banking, at Morgan Stanley, where I advised institutional clients on credit trading and investments of up to $500MM.

I have worked with a range of financial institutions, global billion $ multinationals, FTSE 250 index companies, as well as small start up companies.

I hold a B.Sc. in Business Administration and Philosophy and an M.Sc. in Applied Economics and Finance, both from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

I am Danish and live in London with my British husband and our two kids.

What characterises me as a coach

Clients often say that I am good at listening and tuning into people.

These abilities help me understand what is important to my clients and why, and enables me to work with them in a way that is aligned with their personality and how they operate in the world. Clients often describe this as “I get them” or feel that “I know them”.

I have also found that clients value my analytical abilities.

Clients often ask me to challenge them in their thought process. They find this very useful in helping them clarify what they really want versus what they feel they ought to do.

I believe that part of my value-add comes from sharing my thoughts and offering suggestions.

I see this as offering clients something to work with in their process, which they can then use, dismiss or adapt to suit their purpose. I find it helps clients “get out of their own head”, see their situation from a different perspective and identify additional solutions.

What I love about my work

It is a real privilege to work with highly competent, professionally driven individuals. I often marvel at their achievements and feel honored to be able to assist them in their further pursuit of their goals.
I deeply appreciate the trust they show me and I love assisting them as they work through the complexities of their options and decisions.
It is amazing to see the results they create for themselves through our sessions.
Karen Myrup Birchall, Management coach and Director, Momentac

How I work

A facilitator

I offer my clients a range of techniques to help them in their thought process. Examples could be brainstorming exercises and matrix exercises to gain clarity about pros and cons. Or it could be role plays to help get another perspective or to play out ‘what if’ scenarios.

A sounding board

I play back to my clients what I have heard them say on several levels. This helps create awareness and clarity for the client. As most of my clients prefer someone to “bounce ideas off”, I also offer them my own thoughts and observations, should they want it.

A confidante

I am 100% on my clients’ side. Often my clients have several things on their minds and with important decisions there are almost always significant potential consequences which need to be thought through and discussed in a trusted forum. Our sessions are completely confidential.

A presence

I am here for my clients. Their sessions belong to them and they own the process. I do not apply a fixed set of techniques. I offer a forum, a presence and a choice of tools for the client to fill in and work with in the way that is most beneficial to them.


Goals worth pursuing

Goals really worth pursuing are seldom achieved without a certain level of challenge.

As we work towards progress and achievement, I also provide the necessary support for my clients to navigate through challenges and to help them stay focused on their goals.

I am by my clients’ side on the journey.