Client segment

I work with clients on an individual basis. Being London based, most of my clients come from professional services such as Financial Services, Consulting, Legal Services, IT and Media.

However, my work is not industry specific. I also have clients from other industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverages, and Energy.

The majority of my clients operate at a managerial level and share a strong professional drive.

Some of them simply want to take their career even further, some are at a cross road and wish to make the right decision, and others feel a need to rebalance and focus more on family and their private life.

I also work with clients who wish to return to work after maternity/paternity leave or sabbaticals.


My coaching has to make a measurable difference to the client.

I only take on clients whom I think I can coach effectively. All my work is tailor made to meet the specific needs of each client.


Karen’s background in finance and consulting makes her a highly credible management coach. Karen is a no-nonsense professional who quickly gets to the core of the issue and targets specific improvements. Contrary to some coaches, Karen does not shy away from voicing her opinion or pushing back.
Lise Duetoft, Investment Director, Global Family Office
Karen was genuinely interested in my situation, and provided the necessary support to help me move forwards. Karen’s coaching style mixes up insight and challenge. Each powerful question was supplied at the right moment to help me really connect with what mattered most. Karen demonstrated her coaching expertise consistently through our sessions together and I would happily recommend her.
MH, Managing Director
I work in a team where stakeholder management is a great challenge given the diverse set of people I must work with, not only from different teams, but also their different roles. Talking through some of the challenges I have with this has helped me formulate plans, which I could put into action. Karen helped me do this by being not only a good listener, but also by being able to identify salient points I had raised in our conversation, which I was then able to work through in further detail. As a result, I feel my team is now delivering a better service to my stakeholders.
A Technology Manager in an Investment Bank
I found Karen very perceptive, great listening skills. She has a sense of the real issues and helped me make some positive changes in my business set up. I’d recommend her as a personal impact coach.
David Thomas, Director, dt7partnership limited


Karen was so helpful in working with me to re-launch my career, from in depth analysis of my CV to interview preparation. She is excellent at drawing out your strengths while challenging you towards a fresh way of thinking. I feel she tailored our sessions to my specific needs, which were not necessarily what I thought they were at the beginning!
Julia Mayer, Political research
…Karen played an instrumental role in shaping my thinking about my career options and helped provide a laser sharp focus for the way forward. While engaging in interview practice and coaching with Karen, she provided deep, insightful recommendations that helped transform my thinking to what is on the interviewer’s mind and markedly improved my interview performance leading to a successful outcome.
A.B., Corporate Strategy and Business Development
I sought Karen’s services upon my return to work after maternity leave. She coached me in preparation for several interviews.
Re-entering a competitive market after a year out of employment is tough. However, attending Karen’s session allowed me to gain an insight into my strengths, many of which I did not realise I had. She is adept in bringing out the positives and works with a sensitive and conscientious attitude.  I left Karen with confidence in my knowledge and a strong belief that I am good at what I do, I would be a valued employee.
V.T., Solicitor

Working with Karen was a real eye opener. The sessions allowed me to find and focus on my strengths in all that I do and allowed me see the possibility of change and improvement in my professional and personal life.
An Account Director in a leading London Digital Agency