Am I the right coach for you?

All potential client engagements start with an informal “chemistry meeting”. If you are interested in finding out if I might be the right coach for you, then I suggest we meet over a coffee to get to know each other and discuss your coaching topic.

I don’t charge for this meeting; the aim is for you to get a sense of whether you like my approach and would like to work with me. The aim for me is to get a better idea of what you want to work on and assess whether I think I can be an effective coach for you.

If we both think we can work well together – great! Then we proceed to a formal coaching process. If not, then we’ve simply had a coffee and a chat.


The coaching process

My work is led by the client’s preferences.

Most clients initially prefer to have an overall objective for their work. However, once they have progressed with their initial goal, some of them move on to simply bring a topic for the day.

Once you have decided to go ahead, the formal process is as follows:

  • We meet in Central London in a place convenient for you, usually your office or a café. I find coaching in person most effective but if Skype or phone is a necessity for you we can discuss this. I don’t do home visits.
  • I charge £100 for sessions up to 1 hour and £130 for sessions up to 1.5 hours.
    This rate applies to private individuals. Sessions which are reimbursed by the client’s organisation are charged at a corporate rate.
  • Based on your topic, we make an initial outline of how many sessions are required to reach your goals.
  1. You will need some time to implement your incremental work. In general 4 sessions is usually necessary for the coaching to have the desired impact.
  2. For job interviews I recommend that we meet for minimum 2 hours per session. This type of work is ‘learning by doing’ so we need enough time for you to iterate your interview answers. The fee is £160 per 2 hour session.
  • We work on the topic which is important to you at the time. You do the work and you are responsible for your own outcome. The more you put into your sessions the more you will achieve. My role in the process is to listen, challenge, support and encourage you to stretch yourself.
  • If you find it helpful I can offer suggestions on ways of working on your topic. I don’t apply a standard method. Instead, we discuss various coaching techniques and you chose which one appeals to you.
  • Our work is governed by a formal contract which include the topic you would like to work on, agreements for how we work together, and payment terms.

Please note that cancellations within 24 hours of the coaching sessions incur a £75 cancellation fee

Follow up

Many clients find it helpful to check in again at a later stage after they have finished their work and have had some time to implement their action plans.

I am always available for such check ins. For some it is just an email to let me know how they are doing. For others it is a formal session to consolidate their results and maybe think about “what else”.


Questions you might have


Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.

How do I find out if you are the right coach for me?

Check out “How I work” and please have a look at my testimonials. Maybe some of them refer to topics similar to yours.

Meet me for a coffee and let’s discuss what you would like to achieve. That way you will get to know me a little and you will get a sense of how we could work together.

Coaching is a people business. My style has to gel with you and only you can be the judge of that. If it doesn’t, then we’ve simply had a coffee and hopefully you will find another coach more suitable for your purpose.

What exactly is coaching and what is my role?
Do you offer advice?
What if I feel I am finished with my coaching?
What if I change my mind?