New challenges

Some of my clients come to me because they are thinking of changing job; which career path should I be pursuing at this stage?
Maybe they have a new career opportunity they want to explore. They may have a job interview and want to be the best they can on the day.


Standing out

Other clients want to improve their daily performance and professional impact in their current role. Maybe they want to make their contributions more visible, or become better leaders. Some simply want a forum to brainstorm, discuss and plan the best strategy for important work events and engagements.


Better balance

Sometimes the balance between work and life outside of work gets out of kilter and needs re-balancing. In that case, clients often look for a place to get some head space to think through what really matters to them. It could be a re-evaluation of life priorities. Maybe things just need a tweak. Or maybe they need a bigger overhaul.


I coach clients on career management and performance optimisation.

You will find examples listed below of how we might work on topics within these areas.

However, we are not restricted to these topics. My coaching is client led and flexible:

we work on the topic, which matters to you, in a way that works for you.


Career management

– Map options and goals, and identify achievable overlaps between them.

– Structured clarification of pros and cons and trade offs between yours choices.

– Facilitate final decision making.

– Agree action plan and ensure momentum by holding you accountable to your action plan.

– CV audit to tailor your CV to the specific job opportunity.

– Create awareness of key strengths and skills.

– Assistance in building compelling arguments for why you are the right candidate.

– Mock interviews to help build strong, coherent interview answers.

– Gain clarity about the right balance for you between work and private life.

– Create alignment between personal and professional values and ambitions.

– Evaluate the trade offs between different resource allocations between work and private life.

– Design a sustainable plan for how to shift or tweak your focus going forward.

Performance optimisation

– Create awareness of strengths and weaknesses of current leadership style.

– Identify areas for improvement and design attainable plan for change.

– Leverage emotional competencies to improve motivation and achieve more effective cooperation from the your team.

– Leadership through inspiration and strategic thinking.

– Create awareness of your personal style and how to leverage or mitigate it in work relations.

– Mapping of key work relations and their objectives.

– How to align yourself with your work relations to achieve cooperation and buy-in to your own goals.

– Work event/VIP meeting: planning the ground work -who to engage when on what, optimising the agenda, experiment with different outcome scenarios.

– How to make your contributions more visible and accredited.

– Identify blind spots and underappreciated strengths and contributions.

– Design effective new ways of relevant, authentic self promotion.

– Improve senior management relations by increasing awareness of how your contributions add value.

– Increase effectiveness through better time management.

Why coaching can be relevant

We all tell ourselves a range of simultaneous stories about our selves, the decisions we have made, the choices we face and the goals we have.

Often these ongoing narratives clutter our minds and make it difficult to know what we really want, what we actually can achieve, and what we merely feel we ought to do or avoid.


What I bring as a coach

My clients are highly competent and resourceful individuals, often experts in their fields.
What I bring is a focused and challenging, yet supportive coaching process, which helps you:

  • Think through, prioritise and focus on your goals and challenges. This helps establish clarity and a sense of purpose.
  • Explore new alternatives and options through brainstorming and constructive challenge. This creates direction and focus.
  • Design effective action plans and identify key milestones. This is the cornerstone which creates commitment and helps transform goals into reality.
  • Fully utilise your full potential and achieve your desired results. Through dedicated support and constructive encouragement I help you stretch your capabilities.